Thursday, May 9, 2013

Final Blog


           Looking back on what I have learned in the readings, the blogs I have written, and over-all new things I have learned through this class, I would say that at the end of this semester, I will be leaving with a new way of viewing folk and fairy tales than I did before entering the class.
            I came into this class hoping to learn and appreciate more something I already love, which is the classic fairy tales my grandmother used to read to me. I took the classic stories at face-value and never considered what lies under the surface of the tale. After this class, I am able to see so much more in a fairy tale. I can carry over the concepts and analysis of the fairy tales covered in class to other fairy tales. Even though we did not cover my favorite tale- Rumpelstiltskin, I am able to dig deeper and find underlying meaning behind it based on the ideas and analysis of other tales. I especially like how I feel comfortable enough in what I have learned to take this knowledge with me-to be able to see further into the fairy tales I love-and the new ones I learned.
            Looking back, I see how certain fairy tales had a greater impact on me than others – unconsciously, I took a lot from the tales I especially liked. I can see why my favorite tale changed depending on the time in my life, because without realizing it, I was taking something from the specific tale that I needed for different dilemmas and conflicts I had in my life.
            Over all, I liked enjoyed the stories we covered in class, such as Hansel and Gretel and their success in learning that everyone must be independent as adults while still appreciating the affection and ties to ones parents, or Snow White and the MANY ways someone can look at it and get something different out of it (from the warnings of envy, vanity, and balancing ones self in the process of becoming an adult and the sexuality that it entails.
            It was difficult at first to dig deep into the motifs and symbols in fairy tales, but as we learned more how to do this, it became easier and more intriguing the more tales we analyzed and discussed. Although there was a lot of reading in this class, I found that it was worth it to be able to really look closely at various types of tales and the comparison between similar types that addressed different lessons and symbols-yet the larger idea was still intact. 

The most impacting thing I am taking from this class is that fairy tales are the greatest gift to the imagination, the sound mind, and morality of anyone that allows it to become apart of them.

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