Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cinderella: Is Magic Reall Real?

In class, we watched the film ‘Pretty Woman’ which, just like the tales of ‘Cinderella’, depicts a woman rising to ‘riches’ happiness from ‘rags’ and sadness with the help of magic. ‘Pretty Woman’ follows the same premise only set in the real world. A woman who lived in low class, with a job that was shameful, rose to a life of happiness, high class, and a life she was proud of in the film. How does this heroine accomplish this complete turn-around of her life? Magic of course.
Magic, not in the sense of spells and wands, but in the sense of what the real world has closest to magical. In the real world, magic can be seen through luck and inside people’s characteristics such as charm, kindness, and love.
Unlike in the world of make-believe where all good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished, the real world can be backwards where no good deed goes unpunished. So while fairytale characters that have such magical characteristics always attain happiness, people in the real world do not have such a guarantee. This is where luck sparks the magical aspect needed for a fairytale happy ending in reality.
Luck is our real world’s version of magic. Although fairytales are under fiction, they address very real aspects in a person’s life and mind. Luck is no exception. Magic is that ‘something special’ needed to pave the way to fortune or ‘riches’. Life would be a lot easier with access to something so great, but sadly we do not have the luxury. However the real world show mercy on us, and lets us have a spec of that magic in the form of luck.
The main character of ‘Pretty Woman’, Vivian, has a loving hear of gold, with a sense of humor, generosity, and beautiful to boot! These are the perfect kinds of characteristics to have to have a happy ending in fairytales, but it’s the real word and Vivian is living a ‘low life’ life style despite such charm. Normally in fairytales, magic jump in at this point to fix this unfair situation, instead luck appears. The depiction of Vivian receiving her ‘magic’ through luck occurs when there is a brief debate on whether Vivian or her roommate would leave with the man. Vivian got lucky. 
Although I do believe in the existence of luck, it does not mean I think luck is as present as many would ideally prefer it to be. In fairytales, the heroine is so easily blessed with magic in the pursuit of her happiness; luck does not always show up in the lives of good and kind people. When it does, luck can possibly pave a ‘happiness path’ and it’s a person’s charming personality that finishes the path if successful. So basically, the idea of ‘magic’ is not realistic and in the world of fairytales, however it does symbolize the idea of luck in fairytales, which can occur from time to time in the real world.

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