Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rammstein's Snow White

The tone of the music video was intense. The intensity set the mood of the ‘tale’ in the video, which felt a lot heavier than the Snow White fairytales. The main character(s) of the video is also different than the tale. Instead of the main character being the beautiful, kind, and lovely Snow White, the video focused on the dwarf’s perspective in a darker version of the tale.
The Snow White presented in Rammstein’s music video was amusingly dressed in the Disney’s Snow White’s costume. Why amusing? As soon as I see the costume, my mind puts Disney’s Snow White’s kind and pure personality into the Snow White in the music video…and that is quickly turned up side down by the contrasting personality of Rammstein’s Snow White. This Snow White, although appears to be the symbol of a truly innocent young woman, she is actually has the persona of the evil stepmother.
I laughed when I considered the correlation to the ‘false Snow White’ and Little Red Riding Hood’s wolf as a ‘false gentleman’. Rammstein’s music video appears to visually depict a Snow White fairy tale, however expressing the moral of the Little Red Riding Hood’s fairytale.

What also struck me was the difference in the ending. Technically both show Snow White dead inside a class coffin and awoken from her sleep. However, the feeling at the ending of the tale and video are so very different. On the one hand, the Snow White fairytale is triumphant and happy, and on the other the video’s ending was sad and downtrodden with the heroes (dwarfs) loss against the villain (Snow White).
Rammstein’s video strikes down what we think of when we see the imagery of Snow White, and manipulates it into something as twisted as the contorted tree in Rammstein’s video. The symbol of Snow White is replaced by the symbol of the Evil Queen. This is further emphasized by the adoration Rammstein’s Snow White has for the poisonous, tempting red apple- forcing the dwarfs to polish her coveted bundle.
The symbol of the apple is contorted just as Snow White as well as similar. The fairytale’s apple is the sign of temptation power, and although the apples in the video also symbolizes the temptation of power, it is a symbol of the accomplishment of attaining such power which is literally represented by the video’s Snow White’s power over the dwarfs.

After comparing the vastly different depiction of Snow White between the fairytale and the music video, I prefer the fairytale version of Snow White. The video, although eye opening, distorts the classic tale too much for my taste. I appreciate the format of the fairytale and maintaining the magic within its format over its distortion.

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