Sunday, February 24, 2013

She Loves Wolves

Betty Boop Cartoon- 'Dizzy Red Riding Hood'

I found this cartoon very amusing. It spins a different story of Little Red Riding Hood, where although it begins with a rhyming introduction (the ruse of rhymes is common in fairytales) it does not leave a ‘good’ message to the viewer. The lesson of the story is unlike Perrault’s version that tells young women to be weary of the wolf (gentleman) in the world (the forest), and also the Grimm brother’s version that depicts a young women learning a valuable lesson. This cartoon seemed to have a very different lesson. From what I took from the clip was that a truly ‘good’ gentleman has to appear as an aggressive, manly, man (wolf) for a girl to like you.
Not exactly a lesson boys should learn but maybe it’s sadly true since it’s a common belief that ‘nice guys finish last’.

The nice guy even states, while he’s putting the wolf’s skin on to trick the naïve girl, that “she Loves wolves”. So he tricks the girl who goes on and on about his manly appearance while in the wolf’s skin. He gets the girl and the girl is just as naïve as she was in the beginning. The girl learns no lesson about the dangers of an aggressive sexual predator that wants to eat her up, instead it seems like she doesn’t have to really because there’s always going to be a ‘good guy’ that will save her from the bad boy.

In the spirit of Perrault’s need to add a ‘moral’ to his stories, here’s one for this old cartoon:

Do not worry about going into the world with wolves around every tree.
A true gentleman will be there to protect you as you can see.

Girl’s want one thing, a strong muscled man.
To have her heart, act tough and manly as much as you can.
You can trick a pretty girl with this very simple plan.

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